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The  G  in G-Books® stands for graphical. Graphical (or image-based or facsimile) ebooks scan or photograph the pages of a print book or magazine and assemble them into the universal PDF file format. G-Books show you the pages of your favorite books and magazines -- vintage, collectible, first-edition, rare, or out-of-print -- as they were originally published, with the art, typefaces, and layout of the print version. Text-based ebooks like plain-text and epub formats typically give you just the text, in a generic typeface, without the familiar feel of individual pages with fixed sizes and page numbers, headers and footers, original typefaces, tables, graphics, and art.

G-Books include the dust jackets when available as well as images of the bound covers and all the inside pages, in color and high resolution (200-300 ppi). You can even highlight and annotate your personal copy using the free, downloadable Adobe Reader or other compatible software and apps. G-Books can be comfortably read on tablets, convertibles, laptops, or your desktop computer screen.

G-Books are priced low so you can afford to build your personal G-Book library and enjoy it at home or take your entire library on the road in your device's storage space or from the cloud.

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G-Books are compatible with the iPad using most pdf apps, such as GoodReader, CloudReaders, FastPDF, and Stanza) as well as other tablets with apps capable of reading image-based pdf files. Windows 10 desktops can use either an app or desktop software like Acrobat and Reader. For a sense of what it's like to read a large-format magazine on an iPad (9.7"), click the images below to zoom in to actual size.


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